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The Gin To My Tonic Show: Meet the Makers - Glasgow Review!

The Gin To My Tonic Meet the Maker show was held in Glasgow last weekend and we were there as both exhibitors and consumers. The event was excellent, it was very well organised and run from both an exhibitor and consumer point of view. We were hosted by our gin pals Crafty Connoisseur on all three days and spent the day with them on the Saturday sessions. There was a real gin family feeling as we were joined by Dundee Gin, Badachro Gin and Culpeper Tonic.

Crafty gin family at The Gin To My Tonic Show in Glasgow (C) The Gin Cooperative

We had great fun catching up with our gin pals and we made loads of new gin pals over the weekend! It was fantastic to talk to so many people and tell the story of our gin. There were over 3500 consumers at the show which was a fantastic turnout. There were over 60 premium gin and tonic brands exhibiting over the weekend as well as well-stocked gin and cocktail bars, cocktail making masterclasses, blind taste challenges, presentations from distilleries, tonic & garnish tutorials and theatrical bartender performances.

Jim from Mackintosh Gin talking to consumers at The Gin To My Tonic Show in Glasgow (C) The Gin Cooperative

The Gin To My Tonic Show is one of the largest gin festivals in the UK, taking place annually in Glasgow, Cardiff and Liverpool with additional festivals held throughout the country during the year. The event will be returning to Glasgow in March 2020 and we will be sure to be there!

Thank you so much to everyone who took the time to stop and chat with us, thank you also to ginpals Paul & Emma for putting on a fantastic event!

The Gin To My Tonic Meet the Maker Show in Glasgow

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