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The Gin Clan: A book detailing Scotland’s gin scene – the history, the distillers and their gins.

We love reading at Mackintosh HQ and have a few gin based books that we have read from cover to cover on more than one occasion. We were therefore really excited last year when we were contacted by journalist Fiona Laing who was doing some research for her new book, The Gin Clan and asked if we would like to be interviewed for it.

We sent a few emails back and forth before finally meeting in Dundee. It was lovely to meet Fiona, we enjoyed chatting about all things gin and loved telling our story. It has been exciting to hear about the progress of the book and that it is now available to buy.

The book is a lovely hardback with 192 pages that tells the story of Scotland's gin industry, where it has come from and where it is going. We are absolutely thrilled to be included amongst the 135 producers that are featured and honoured to be part of this wonderful industry.

The book is available in bookshops now, or alternatively you can purchase a copy here.

Fiona Laing brings to life the story of Scottish Gin in her new book The Gin Clan
The Gin Clan book by Fiona Laing

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