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Husband and Wife Gin Team!

As a husband & wife team and best friends, we are extremely lucky in that we get to work together running Mackintosh Gin. We're not a rarity as there are quite a few husband and wife teams out there, we just happen to be one of them.

We regularly get asked what it is like to work together and if there is any tension involved in being a couple running a business. In truth, it's not something we had really given much thought to and we just got on with it.

We therefore jumped at the chance to be interviewed by The Gin Cooperative for their For the Love of Gin feature that they were doing, especially as this was going to be their Valentines post on their blog.

Martin and Natalie came down to Arbroath to spend some time with us when we were bottling and labelling batch 2. They took some fantastic photos of us at work and afterwards interviewed us for the feature. We had a great day and loved the article that they posted, with can be found here: http://thegincooperative.com/for-the-love-of-gin-james-deborah-mackintosh-gin

Mackintosh Gin batch 2 being bottled and labelled by Deborah and James Mackintosh
Deborah and James Mackintosh bottling batch 2 of Mackintosh Gin

Image courtesy of The Gin Cooperative

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