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Gin festival debut and the last 66 bottles of batch 1!

Updated: Dec 3, 2018

We have been totally blown away by how well received our gin has been and we truly are very grateful to everyone who has taken the time to chat with us, support us, encourage us and more importantly purchase some of our gin!

We made our gin festival debut last week at The Gin Fest in Dundee, which is James's home town and it was an amazing event! We met loads of new gin pals, caught up with some old ones and spent the day engaging with those who braved the weather to come to the event. As consumers ourselves we love meeting the maker and chatting to other producers about their products, so to get the chance to do that ourselves was amazing. We plan to do plenty more of these events to meet as many people as we can.

Mackintosh Gin at The Gin Fest in Dundee

Mackintosh Gin at The Gin Fest in Dundee

When we launched last month, we had 292 bottles from batch 1. We are now down to our last 66 bottles which we think will go quite quickly. We are selling these directly through our website. All orders placed through our website are processed by us personally and include a hand written thank you as well as a tasting notes card. We feel this is an important feature in engaging with you, the wonderful consumer! Shop available here: https://www.mackintoshgin.com/shop-1

Last 66 bottles of batch 1!

Keep an eye out for future tasting events and festivals that we are attending and come and say hi!

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