Where is Mackintosh Gin Made?


Where is Mackintosh Gin Made?

19th April 2019

Distillutions is a fantastic space to work from and has a real community feel to it. We like to be hands on with our gin and will often be found in the distillery when our gin is being distilled or bottled, thankfully we can do this without getting in the way.

Mackintosh Gin being bottled at Distillutions in Arbroath (C) The Gin Cooperative

Lewis, the distiller offers a contract distilling service to many brands and produces gins, rums and liqueurs for several producers. This service is bespoke for each brand, some producers like us like to be on hand during the process, others like to pick up their stock once it has been distilled, bottled and labelled.

Until we secure our own premises we will continue to work with Lewis at Distillutions. This works for us, and as an Angus based brand it makes sense to keep production in Angus.

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