The Gin To My Tonic Show: Meet the Makers - Glasgow!


The Gin To My Tonic Show: Meet the Makers - Glasgow!

14th March 2019

The Gin To My Tonic Meet the Maker show is in Glasgow this weekend and we are very excited to be there! The first session is this evening, followed by two sessions tomorrow and again on Sunday. We're being hosted by our gin pals Crafty Connoisseur on all three days but we will be there with them for the Saturday sessions. We are really excited to be attending & exhibiting at this event, we're looking forward to catching up with our gin pals and of course making new gin pals!

So what is The Gin To My Tonic Show? Well, it is one of the largest gin festivals in the UK, with over 60 premium gin and tonic brands exhibiting. The show takes place annually in Glasgow, Cardiff and Liverpool with additional festivals held throughout the country during the year. At this event there will be well-stocked gin and cocktail bars, as well as cocktail making masterclasses, blind taste challenges, presentations from distilleries, tonic and garnish tutorials, and theatrical bartender performances. But the main attraction is the large variety of distilleries, artisan gin makers and tonic manufacturers, which creates what can only be described as gin heaven!

If you're going then come along and say hi and get a wee sample of our gin. We look forward to seeing you there!

 The Gin To My Tonic Show Glasgow

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