September Newsletter


September Newsletter

1st September 2018

Welcome to the September newsletter from Mackintosh Gin! We were unsure when we posted the first edition last month if we were wasting our time with doing a newsletter, but it seemed to be well received with lots of positive comments so we will continue to do them. Thank you for your feedback and encouragement!


We anticipated launching at the end of year but if everything falls into place we'll be launching earlier, in October! We still have a few hoops to jump through but we're getting there. We have had our compliance interview with HMRC which we think went well and we expect a response from them in the coming weeks if we can trade to retailers and wholesalers or not. Deborah has sat and passed her personal licence alcohol training and an application has been submitted to Angus Council for a personal licence to allow us to sell our gin to you wonderful people!

We have had our logo redesigned for us by the very talented Union Creative in Montrose. Erik did an amazing job on this and our label which we're really happy with. The label is now sitting with the printers to supply a proof before we go to print. We can't wait to show you the label, but in the meantime here's the redesigned logo!

 Mackintosh Gin Logo

Following positive feedback from initial tastings by a small group, we recently filled and capped 100 5CL miniature bottles which we will send out at the start of October to coincide with the launch. We also have a few 70CL bottles that we plan to take to bottle shops and delicatessens to offer tastings to in the hope that they will stock our gin. Once we have the labels ready and the first batch made we will offer regular tastings at bottle shops which we will advertise on our social media sites. Keep an eye out for us and come say hi!

 Mackintosh Gin Samples

In preparation for our launch we have taken some photos to go on the front of our perfect serve cards which will be arriving anytime now. This was a fun experience for us and we can't actually agree on a perfect serve for our gin! Everyone has different tastes and therefore everyone's perfect serve will be different. Here at Mackintosh HQ there are three of us who like completely different garnishes (orange, grapefruit and lemon) so we guess this is a debate that is happening in most homes! So whilst we have settled on an image for the front of our perfect serve cards we have left the choice of garnish up to the individual, however, due to the citrus notes in our gin it goes well with any citrus fruit wedge.

Mackintosh Gin Perfect Serve

Since our last newsletter we have been busy meeting with wholesalers, retailers and some of you lovely people to get our brand out there. We have had some very positive feedback and have had some exciting meetings with some well-known names within the gin scene, more of which will become apparent in the coming months. We can honestly say though, that without a doubt engaging with other consumers and gin fans is the best part of this journey!

Keep an eye on our social media channels for further updates on our progress, and where & when we will be offering some tastings of our gin!
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