September Newsletter


September Newsletter

1st September 2019

At the start of the month we we were featured on the Schweppes bar (run by LiquidChefs UK) at The Foodies Festival in Edinburgh which was very well attended. We had some fantastic feedback following the event and definitely made some new ginpals over the weekend.

Photo shows Schweppes UK Brand Ambassador Gaz Jones, Mackintosh Steph, Mackintosh Char and Callum Whitehead from LiquidChefs UK

To celebrate the inaugural International Scottish Gin Day on the 3rd August we did a sponsored bar event at Bar Prince at The Balmoral Hotel in Edinburgh. Giovanni and his team put on a Mackintosh Gin cocktail menu for the night which featured some of our favourite cocktails. The event was well received and it was great to see so many of our ginpals who had travelled to support us, we also made a few new ones by the end of the evening!

Mackintosh Gin on the bar at The Balmoral Hotel, photo (C) of The Balmoral

The following week, Deborah and Alex went down to Largs to do a tasting session at Geraldo's. It was a great day and they were well received. We had been looking forward to this for a while and look forward to returning again.

Photo shows Mackintosh Alex at Geraldo's

As previously reported we have finalised our Navy Strength Gin which we will be releasing soon. At 59% ABV it is a superb cocktail gin, it tastes amazing, is very smooth and the grapefruit really sings! This will initially be available as a reward via our crowdfunding campaign and thereafter will be available via our website.

We are still working on our next expression and think we are very close to having it completed. This was originally going to be a gin based liqueur due to requests we had received, but we are now looking at producing an Old Tom full strength gin. We increased the ABV from 20% to 38%, reduced the sugar content and distilled with fruit rather than using a juice or puree, we can honestly say that so far the results have been amazing. We're now trialling with different sugars to see what gives us the best taste and hope to have this available soon. If you like sweeter gins, or prefer lemonade with your gin rather than tonic then this will appeal to you!
Keep an eye on our social media channels for further updates, cocktails and where & when we will be offering some tastings of our gin!
Please enjoy Mackintosh Gin responsibly