Picking up the pace!


Picking up the pace!

16th August 2018

You'll have seen by our recent social media posts that things are starting to move on at quite a rapid rate in preparation for launching. We're aiming to launch at the end of the year with the purpose of getting our name and product out there before Christmas so that come next year people have started to hear about us and see us. When we started this journey we were happy to move along at a steady pace, but the past few months has been crazy and that pace has now ramped up!

We've been flavour profiling now for a few months and we are more than satisfied that we have the recipe exactly as we want it. Without being biased, we have a beautiful, smooth gin that we can't wait to share with you. We have decided on the bottles and closures that we're using, and our logo & label design has come back from the talented graphic designer Erik Porter from Union Creative who has done an amazing Job! We're just waiting on the printers printing the labels and we'll have a product to sell, once HMRC give us the final approval to trade that is!

Mackintosh Gin label mock up

Whilst we wait on the labels coming back we have been working on our perfect serve, and this has led to some interesting conversations at home. It has become obvious that we all like a different 'perfect serve' with James enjoying an orange wedge in his G&T, Deborah a lemon slice and Stephanie loving the grapefruit wedge! We don't think it is fair therefore to tell you how we think you should enjoy our gin, what we will say however, is enjoy it your way!

How do you like your perfect serves?

We have been flat out the last few months getting everything ready to launch but we have had a great time in doing so. We had a rare weekend when the entire team were all together so we decided to head through to Edinburgh for the day for a team day out (actually, we had meetings with a couple of people but the younger team members think it was a treat!) and some bonding. Naturally we ended up in 56 North for some food and of course a few drinks! we love going to 56 North, its a fantastic gin bar in Edinburgh with a huge selection. If you've never been but you're in Edinburgh doing the gin tourism things be sure to pop in for some drinks, the staff are fantastic and will look after you. You can find out more about them here. Here is a photo of the entire team from Mackintosh Gin whilst at 56 North. The younger team members are obviously on the left/top and James & Deborah, the older team members on the right. We will introduce ourselves in a separate blog post in the future!


Keep an eye out for future tasting events and festivals that we are attending and come and say hi! #Mackintosh #Gin #Angus #mackintoshgin #56North