October Newsletter


October Newsletter

1st October 2018

Welcome to the October newsletter from Mackintosh Gin! It seems like only last week when we started sending these out so it’s hard to believe this is the third one already!

So much progress has been made in the last few months, but the last month alone has been a busy one and will see us on track to launch sooner than we anticipated.

If you read the previous newsletters you will know that we had planned to launch before the year end, with the aim of having the first batch available for the festive period. We then reported last month that we were looking good to launch earlier than that, potentially in October, we’re very happy to say that this will indeed be the case!

We passed all the HMRC compliance interviews and were issued with our AWRS number which allows us to sell directly to retailers and wholesalers. We’ve had confirmed orders from a local farm shop who will be stocking our gin and we’re talking with a couple of online retailers too, which means we’ll be available nationwide! Deborah has also been issued with her personal licence from Angus Council which will allow us to sell our gin directly via our website, at gin festivals and from pop up stalls!

We’ve received the mini labels back for our 5CL samples and we will be sending them out this week to those who were promised one! We hope that those who receive one will sample it at the weekend and then post about it on social media, this will hopefully generate a bit of hype to tie in with our launch the following week!

We’ve taken delivery of the 70CL bottles, closures and the tamper proof seals. The labels have been printed and are being foiled as I type this, we will take delivery of them tomorrow! The first batch was distilled last Friday and is resting in tank just now. We will start bottling and labelling this weekend in anticipation for launching on Friday 12th October!


Mackintosh Gin bottles have arrived!

We thought about taking pre-orders and were unsure about doing so, but we have had so many requests for a bottle from the first batch that we have decided to do a limited pre-order run which we will offer from Friday 05th October. 75 bottles from the first 100 will be available to pre-order on this date, with delivery being fulfilled as and when orders come in. The remainder of the first batch will be on sale from the 12th October (following our not so secret announcement on the same day) via our website and through the retailers who we’re in talks with just now.

Following our post on social media about perfect serves we received a lot of comments that really did prove that everyone had different tastes and preferred their G&T in different ways. We decided to do a similar post but this time with different glasses, this turned out to be another fun experiment, again with lots of votes for all 3 glasses! Here at Mackintosh HQ there are three of us who like completely different glasses (large copa, tall stemless and short stemless) and it was good to see that this is not just a debate in our home! However, the majority of those votes were for the large copa glass so we will look to get some branded and offered as a gift set!

Perfect serves!

We’ve come a long way in the past 6 months which has made the previous 18 months of research all the more worthwhile. We’ve taken a jokingly made comment at a gin festival and turned it into a lovely gin that we will selling in the next couple of weeks. The motivation for this has been the encouragement and support we have received from our friends, family and the wonderful people we’ve met at gin festivals and tasting events. The engagement with other gin consumers and fans is the best part of this journey for us and we look forward to offering lots of tasting sessions over the next few months which we will advertise on the events page on our Facebook Page.

Keep an eye on our social media channels for further updates on our progress, and where & when we will be offering some tastings of our gin!
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