March Newsletter


March Newsletter

1st March 2019

Batch 2 was sent out as soon as it was distilled, bottled and labelled. We had some stock go to various retail outlets and some to bars, but most of it went to Cornwall where it was gin of the month with The Juniper Club which we were really excited about it! We had been talking with TJC since last year and we were really excited when they said they wanted to make us gin of the month for Valentine’s Day!

We were also featured by The Gin Cooperative in their For the Love of Gin editorial feature, which we love. We are the third ‘couple’ to feature in this lovely feature, it was published on Valentine’s Day which was really nice. Martin and Natalie from TGC came and spent some time with us when we bottled and labelled batch 2 so it was great to see the images they took on the day and read the article. 

James and Deborah from Mackintosh Gin bottling and labelling batch 2

Photo courtesy of The Gin Cooperative

We’re in discussions with a couple of buyers from North America and Canada, which are looking promising! We had meetings with them recently and we’re really excited about this, we hope to be exporting to both countries by the end of the year. We have a few hoops to jump through first in regard to compliance for both the USA and Canada as both have different requirements but keep an eye on this space!


We were represented at The Gin North East Festival in Inverurie last month by the Crafty Connoisseur team who we were grateful for representing us. They are also going to be representing us at The Gin To My Tonic Show at the SEC in Glasgow next weekend, which is going to be huge! If you’re going, then stop and have a taster and let us know what you think. The Crafty Team still have some batch 1 bottles left if anyone wants to buy one! We have a couple of batch 1 bottles left that are being reserved for people but we’re now shipping batch 3! If you are after a batch 1 bottle then the following may still have a couple: Distillers Market, Crafty Connoisseur and Grewar’s Farm Shop.

Mackintosh Gin represented by Crafty Connoisseur at The Gin North East Festival

Photo courtesy of Crafty Connoisseur

We’re starting to get dates in the diary for tasting sessions and hope to get round all our stockists throughout the summer. If we’re not stocked in your local independent bottle shop or bar, then ask them to stock us and we’ll gladly talk with them.

Mackintosh Gin on the shelf at Smithies Gin Emporium in Arbroath

Photo courtesy of Smithies Gin Emporium

Everyone loves winning gin, so we thought we would mention that we are being included in The Gin Cooperative A Taste of Scottish Gin monthly competition this month. They run a competition every month that sees the winner winning 5 bottles of gin! It’s a fantastic competition and easy to enter, you can find it here!

The Gin Cooperative A Taste of Scottish Gin competition

Photo courtesy of The Gin Cooperative

As many of you know we contract distil our gin as we don’t have our own premises (yet) or still. We have a fantastic relationship with our distiller though who has taught us so much in such a short period of time. We’re now busy enough that we can justify getting our own still which we will be looking into over the next couple of months. We plan to keep this at Distillutions in Arbroath where we already distil, which means we don’t require our own premises just yet but will have our own still so we can distil more often. We may be doing a crowdfunding campaign to help raise funds for it, with Navy Strength Mackintosh Gin being offered as one of the rewards! 


Keep an eye on our social media channels for further updates, cocktails and where & when we will be offering some tastings of our gin!

Please enjoy Mackintosh Gin responsibly.