5th April 2019

Junipalooza 2019 banner

There are a lot of gin festivals running up and down the country, all different and special in their own way. Everyone has their favourite event that they like to go to, some have more than one, some like to attend one a month and some people might only go to one event a year. We think it is fair to say though, that Junipalooza is known as THE festival and the one that everyone wants to go to.

We are absolutely delighted therefore to announce that we will be exhibiting at Junipalooza this year! In 2 months time we will be found in the newcomers zone with only 5 other newcomers and we're absolutely ecstatic about it!

The exciting thing about Junipalooza is that it is a strict makers/owners festival, which means if a brand are there then it is the brand owners, or the head distiller that is standing there. As a consumer this is a fantastic opportunity to engage with your favourite gin brands directly, and there will be 70 of us exhibiting!

 Junipalooza 2019 floorpan

Now in its 6th year, the festival takes place at Tobacco Dock in London on the 8th and 9th June, which also ties in with World Gin Day. The festival is run by Gin fans, for Gin fans. Gin Foundry created the show six years ago and runs each Junipalooza, flying solo in London, and working in partnership with fellow enthusiasts in Australia & Germany. The aim for each is simple, to have the best show in the world and one that's reflective of the gin community inclusive friendly nature, its diverse makers, flavours and creativity, wrapped up in an environment that's fun and accessible.

Tickets are on sale now but are quickly selling, and will sell out. They can be found HERE.



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