June Newsletter


June Newsletter

1st June 2019

We recently distilled Batch 4, which we bottled and labelled yesterday! We love bottling day as it is so much fun. It's a team effort as we fill, seal and label the bottles before packing them into cartons ready to be shipped to our retailers. We never had defined roles before such as who was filling or labelling, but from now on all labels will have the batch and bottle number written by Deborah as it was obvious when she labelled all of Batch 4 (almost 300 bottles) that she had the neatest handwriting in the team! We have less than 20 bottles remaining of Batch 3, which we will be taking to Junipalooza next week to be sold along with some of Batch 4 at The Gin Kiosk shop. If you're going to the event then it's a perfect chance to try before you buy!

Mackintosh Gin Batch 4 numbers being written

We received our exhibitor bands for Junipalooza yesterday, which was timed perfectly with Batch 4 being bottled. We're very excited to be exhibiting at the event and meeting as many of our gin pals as possible. The event, which is being held at the Tobacco dock venue in London is seen as THE gin event of the year, we'll be in the newcomers’ zone and look forward to saying hi to as many people as we can. If you're going to the event we hope you will stop and say hi.

We were recently interviewed by The Gin Foundry on the run up to the event which was a lot of fun for us. We are featured on the front page of  The Gin Foundry website which is a great deal for us as we've been fans of the site for a few years now. The questions asked were very well thought out and it made for a great interview.

Batch 4 of Mackintosh Gin with Junipalooza Exhibitor Bands

We will be heading straight home after Junipalooza as on the Monday evening we are having our trade testing session with bartenders from Dundee to officially kick off our 2019 inaugural cocktail competition. The  pre competition tasting session, which we're holding at the Taproom at 71 Brewing in Dundee will be a lot of fun and will let us showcase our gin to them and explain the reason for the competition. We look forward to seeing what the bartenders come up with for the Dundee round which we'll run 4-6 weeks later. Follow on rounds will be held in Glasgow, Aberdeen and Edinburgh to determine 4 winners who will be invited to work with us next year on our bartenders edition gin. We will post some pictures up on our social media channels on the night.

In a couple of months, the inaugural International Scottish Gin Day launches on Saturday the 3rd August. The event is an international celebration of all things Scottish Gin. Established by the guys behind The Gin Cooperative, the day brings together Gin makers and brands, whose Gins are distilled, rectified or cold compounded in Scotland and a selection of global bars, retailers and gin drinkers, to celebrate the story of Scottish Gin. We are in talks just now for doing a pop up event/take over for the day, it's not been confirmed yet so we can't say at this stage, but keep an eye on our social media channels for news dropping soon!

To help spread the word, bloggers, content creators and photographers have been asked to be official supporters of the event. We are delighted to have received reviews from many of them and have complete respect for all of the supporters. You can check the list out on the ISGD Supporters page, clicking through to many of them will reveal reviews of our gin, all of which we were really excited by. Pictured below is Dan Cox from Ginteresting Times, one of the official supporters of the event.

(C) Dan Cox/Ginteresting Times via The Gin Cooperative

Keep an eye on our social media channels for further updates, cocktails and where & when we will be offering some tastings of our gin!

Please enjoy Mackintosh Gin responsibly.