January Newsletter


January Newsletter

13th January 2020

he festive period is always a busy time for any drinks brand and we were no exception. We spent most days in December fulfilling orders which was awesome for us. Thank you so much to everyone who ordered from us during this period (and in the 14 months since we launched), it truly is appreciated. It's a fantastic feeling knowing our gin is enjoyed by so many of you.

We also took the time during this busy period to enjoy some cocktails as a team, mostly Mackintosh 75's (our take on a Hugo and a French 75) as these are a fantastic festive cocktail. These are so easy to make at home and the ingredients are all easily sourced. The sugar syrup is easy to make (or bought in a bottle), the lemon juice can be freshly squeezed (or bought in a bottle) and the elderflower cordial is available in most supermarkets. Here's how we make them at home:


15ml Elderflower Cordial
10ml Sugar Syrup
10ml Lemon Juice
45-50ml Mackintosh Gin (depending on size of jigger)
90-120ml of Prosecco or Champagne (depending on glass size)


Put some large ice cubes into a cocktail mixer.
Put some ice into your favourite champagne flute to chill the glass.
Pour the elderflower cordial, sugar syrup, lemon juice and Mackintosh Gin into the cocktail mixer.
Shake well or stir vigorously with a cocktail/bar spoon.
Empty the ice from the champagne flute.
Strain the gin mixture into the chilled champagne flute.
Top up with prosecco or champagne.
Add a lemon twist to garnish, releasing the oils first.


Mackintosh 75 Ingredients


Mackintosh 75 Cocktail

Deborah did our last tasting of the year on the 20th December in Glasgow. The rest of the team were busy with other commitments so she had to rope in her mum and sister to help her, but thankfully they were only too happy to help!

We love doing tasting events, they are a fantastic way for us to connect with our ginpals and introduce more people to Mackintosh Gin. This year we will focus on doing more of these events. If there is anywhere you would like to see us at just email us and we'll see what we can do!

Mackintosh Gin Tasting

We ended 2019 and spent some time reflecting on the past year and the year to come. We have some very exciting plans for 2020 starting with us confirming some of the shows we will be attending this year (The Gin To My Tonic Show Glasgow in March and Junipalooza in June anyone?), the release of our Navy Strength Gin and Old Tom Gin, a new website, two cocktail competitions (one for our ginpals and one for our favourite bartenders), an investment/share option, completing the plans for our new distillery/visitor centre and most importantly writing down our mission drive.

To start the year off on a positive note we are away happy to extend our 10% discount offer for any orders through our website. We will continue to run this throughout the month for our subscribers who purchase a bottle of our gin through our website. Click on the link below and enter 'mack10' as a promo code!

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Keep an eye on our social media channels for further updates, cocktails and where & when we will be offering some tastings of our gin!

Please enjoy Mackintosh Gin responsibly.