Gin Cocktail: The Mackintosh 75


Gin Cocktail: The Mackintosh 75

1st March 2019

We'll post a few of our favourite cocktails over the coming months, but the first one we want to share with you is our signature cocktail, which we have lovingly called The Mackintosh 75! This is a beautiful cocktail that is perfect for drinking with friends in the garden. Please note though, that this is very moreish, very strong and should be enjoyed responsibly!

There is a bit of a story behind this cocktail and why it is so special to us. Over a period of a few months we had been spending some time working on cocktail developments as we wanted to have our own ‘signature’ cocktail. We had tried Martini’s, Brambles, Hugo’s, Negroni’s, Hanky Panky’s, Collins’s, Snappers, South Sides, Gimlets, French 75’s, Clover Clubs, Gin Fizz’s and many more in between. All of them worked extremely well, but we kept coming back to the French 75 and the Hugo. We then tried a couple of hybrids, and this version won it for us!


So here you have, what we think is the best cocktail for Mackintosh Gin. Our take on a Hugo and a French 75 hybrid, lovingly called the Mackintosh 75!


15ml Elderflower Cordial
10ml Sugar Syrup
10ml Lemon Juice
45-50ml Mackintosh Gin (depending on size of jigger)
90-120ml of Prosecco or Champagne (depending on glass size)


Put some large ice cubes into a cocktail mixer.
Put some ice into your favourite champagne flute to chill the glass.
Pour the elderflower cordial, sugar syrup, lemon juice and Mackintosh Gin into the cocktail mixer.
Shake well or stir vigorously with a cocktail/bar spoon.
Empty the ice from the champagne flute.
Strain the gin mixture into the chilled champagne flute.
Top up with prosecco or champagne.
Add a lemon twist to garnish, releasing the oils first.


Mackintosh 75 Cocktail

We will share more cocktails with you over the next few months and look forward to sharing our holiday favourite/Deborah’s favourite ever cocktail with you!
As always we encourage you to enjoy Mackintosh Gin responsibly.

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