Getting closer!


Getting closer!

16th September 2018

When we started this journey, we had planned to launch before the year end, ideally early December. We wanted to launch before Christmas to have a good chance of selling some of the first batch and getting our name out there, so that come next year people would have already heard of us. However, with the rate of progress we have been making we are anticipating potentially launching as early as the end of next month!

We have received our labels from the printers, and they look amazing! We are very pleased with them and think they have down an outstanding job. The gold foiling we have had laid down looks amazing.

Mackintosh Gin Labels

We have had our compliments slips, business cards and tasting notes/perfect serve cards back from the printers. The perfect serve cards look great and we’re really happy with them, the image on the front of the card looks great printed. We took the photos ourselves at home which was a lot of fun. We made a small make do studio up with an old photographic studio umbrella to fire the flash through, a table balanced on some stacking boxes and a coloured/textured background fashioned out of old material hanging off the cupboard door! With a bit of editing in Photoshop the final images look great! Here’s a behind the scenes image of our set up and final image (note the change in board and glass as we shot other images at the same time).

Mackintosh Gin Photoshoot

Mackintosh Gin & Tonic Final Image

We recently attended a staff training day at Persie Distillery recently and spent some time with Simon Fairclough from Persie Gin and Chrissie Fairclough from Gin Club Scotland. We had an amazing day and went through correct flavour profiling & tasting in the morning, followed by legislative & trade specific training in the afternoon. Gin Club Scotland run regular tasting events which are a lot of fun, we whole heartedly recommend getting a group of friends together and going up for a tasting & nosing session!

Perse Gin 230 Litre Still

When we went up we spent the night at The Strathardle Inn near the distillery and this was a delight. It was a fantastic cosy place with a great atmosphere, good drinks selection and wonderful food. We were picked up and dropped off from the Inn which meant we could enjoy the sampling we were doing at the distillery, our thanks go to Chrissie and Simon for arranging this.

The Strathardle Inn

Deborah has had her personal licence back from Angus Council which now gives us the correct authority to sell alcohol to the public and means we are one step closer to launching. The final hurdle now is awaiting approval from HMRC to trade under AWRS. Once we have this approval we will be given an AWRS number which allows us to sell to wholesalers and independent bottle shops, an essential link in getting our gin to you wonderful people!
Keep an eye out for future tasting events and festivals that we are attending and come and say hi! #Mackintosh #Gin #Angus #mackintoshgin #Persie #Strathardle #Inn