Full steam ahead!


Full steam ahead!

16th December 2018

We have had a busy time since we launched in October and the past 4 weeks have been especially busy. The Christmas rush has seen us making constant trips to the Post Office and we anticipate the next week being just as busy. We will continue to post out orders as they come in and if ordered before the 20th December they should be delivered before Christmas. We’re now down to the last few bottles of batch 1, which will go very soon. If anyone is still thinking of getting one or treating someone special in their life then this week would be a good week to purchase one, we’ll even include a handwritten note! You can order directly from or website here.

Mackintosh Gin and Tonic

We’ve been having great fun making cocktails with our gin and we decided on our signature cocktail which we have lovingly called the Mackintosh 75. It is our take on a French 75 and a Hugo, and it tastes amazing! If you’re keen to replicate this then have a look at our November newsletter which will give you the how to. We had a lot of fun with this and will share the cocktails that almost made it as our signature cocktail over the next couple of months.

Mackintosh 75 gin led cocktail

The older members of Team Mackintosh had great fun making the cocktails at home, but the younger members of the team had more fun doing the research and taste testing! We have some fantastic cocktail bars on our doorstep in Dundee so regular visits to these bars were essential. There were also regular trips to Edinburgh as there is also some fantastic cocktail and gin bars in the city. Our Edinburgh based team member Char comes home often and can often be found enjoying a cocktail in The King of Islington in Dundee. It is an amazing bar and it is no coincidence that it is right next to the train station!

Our Brand Ambassador Char making friends in The King of Islington in Dundee

We have had first sight of the labels for our Mini Mack’s this week and they look amazing. Our graphic designer Union Creative has done an amazing job with them. One of our first tasks for 2019 is to release our mini bottles which will be available in 200ml and 50ml sizes. Both bottles are a great introduction to our gin, the 50ml bottles are ideal for a tasting and the 200ml bottles are ideal for experimenting with different tonics and cocktails.

50ml and 200ml Mini Macks


One of our other tasks for early next year is to post our team member bio’s and introduce ourselves. We have posted the odd picture on our social media sites of the team in the past but not actually posted an about us/Q&A feature, so this is now on our ‘to do’ list. For now though we will leave you with this picture of the younger team members, Steph, Char and Alex from our summer day out in Edinburgh.

 The younger team members of Mackintosh Gin

Keep an eye out for future tasting events and festivals that we are attending and come and say hi! #Mackintosh#Gin#Angus#mackintoshgin #Mackintosh75 #cocktail #TheKingofIslington #UnionCreative