December Newsletter


December Newsletter

6th December 2018

Welcome to the December newsletter from Mackintosh Gin! We have had a busy month since our last newsletter and we are anticipating the next couple of weeks being just as busy!

We launched less than 8 weeks ago with our first batch of 292 bottles and we have been counting those numbers down week on week. We were thrilled when we got down to 100 bottles but we are excited to say that we are now down to our last 50 bottles from batch 1!

We anticipate that the last 50 bottles will be gone soon if recent sales are anything to go by. If you are thinking of getting yourself a batch 1 bottle of Mackintosh Gin, or you want to embrace the gifting season and treat someone special with one then there really is no better time than now! Get one of the last remaining bottles from batch 1 here.

292 became 100, which became 66 (above) and has now become 50!

Some more bottle shops and delis have stocked us in the past few weeks, which is fantastic as it gives more people a chance to look at and feel the bottle before purchasing it. Whilst we love sales coming directly through our website (as it means we get to send personalised notes) we do appreciate that nothing beats picking up the bottle from a shelf and buying it in person. We love the independent retailers and support them where we can, as consumers ourselves we buy a lot of gin this way, or if possible directly from the producer at a gin festival or farmers market.

We update our website when a new retailer stocks us; have a look to see if there is one near you. If your local independent store does not stock our gin but you would like them to, ask them to request us and we will see what we can do. Huffman’s in Dundee now lists us, which is great news for us. They are a premium drinks distributor with a huge reach throughout the country. Chances are that your local independent store already deals with them, which gives them another option for stocking us.


 Bottle 1 from batch 1 of Mackintosh Gin

We made our debut on the gin festival circuit in November and exhibited at The Scot Gin Fest in Dundee, which was amazing! We made many new gin pals, met up with some familiar faces and finally got the chance to speak to some of the other producers who we had spoken with online over the past few months.

The atmosphere at the event was fantastic; there was a real buzz to it with a live jazz band and a DJ mixing it up. We loved telling our story and meeting all you lovely people who took the time to come and talk to us.

The brand-consumer engagement is what makes us tick and will be our driving force on this gin journey. We have a few more festivals planned for next year; keep an eye out for some exciting news coming soon!

Thanks to The Gin Fest for the above image - Mackintosh Gin festival debut!


The St. Andrews Day competition to win bottle number 10 from our first batch ended last night and the winner announced today. The gin blogger known as The Gin Wyche ran this competition for us and had a fantastic response. We feel it is only fair to say well done to Hayley for another successful competition!

We have had a few competitions ran for us now and there are a couple more planned with some well-known organisations in the gin industry, we will post about these on our social media sites when they are running.

We feel we should also run a competition ourselves, and in an effort to say thank you to everyone who has supported us by buying a bottle of our gin directly from our website we have decided to give away the last bottle from batch 1 which is bottle number 292! Once batch 1 has sold out, we will run a lucky draw and put all the names in a hat (or a teapot!) of everyone who has bought a bottle directly from the website. We will draw the name randomly and will send bottle number 292 to the lucky winner!

The team at Mackintosh Gin HQ have been working on some cocktail developments over the past couple of months as we wanted to have our own ‘signature’ cocktail. We have tried Martini’s, Brambles, Hugo’s, Negroni’s, Hanky Panky’s, Collins’s, Snappers, South Sides, Gimlets, French 75’s, Clover Clubs, Gin Fizz’s and many more in between. We have a couple of cocktails to share in the near future as we want to share our holiday favourite and Deborah’s favourite ever cocktail with you. We will post them on our social media sites in the coming months, but for now we wanted to share what we think is the best cocktail for our gin. It is our take on a Hugo and a French 75 hybrid, which we have lovingly called the Mackintosh 75! Please note, this is very strong, and very moreish. As always we encourage you to enjoy Mackintosh Gin responsibly.


15ml Elderflower Cordial
10ml Sugar Syrup
10ml Lemon Juice
45-50ml Mackintosh Gin (depending on size of jigger)
90-120ml of Prosecco or Champagne (depending on glass size)



Put some large ice cubes into a cocktail mixer.
Put some ice into your favourite champagne flute to chill the glass.
Pour the elderflower cordial, sugar syrup, lemon juice and Mackintosh Gin into the cocktail mixer.
Shake well or stir vigorously with a cocktail/bar spoon.
Empty the ice from the champagne flute.
Strain the gin mixture into the chilled champagne flute.
Top up with prosecco or champagne.
Add a lemon twist to garnish, releasing the oils first.


The Mackintosh 75, the signature cocktail for Mackintosh Gin

Keep an eye on our social media channels for further updates, cocktails and where & when we will be offering some tastings of our gin!
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