December Newsletter


December Newsletter

1st December 2019

We were honoured to be invited to take part in the social media 'Holly Jolly Ginmas' feature that our gin pal Christine, aka Socialgingirl was running. The idea of the feature was for a gin blogger to partner with a gin brand and post 5 separate Q&A posts over a 7 day period. We were paired with Christine herself which we were very happy with as her photos were fantastic and her writing is beautiful.
We had so much fun answering the questions for the 5 themes, which were:

Meet the Maker
What's in my Gin
All in a Day's work - funniest moment, biggest challenge and proud moment
Perfect Serve
Looking ahead - what does the future hold and where can a gin lover purchase your gin

The questions were very well thought out and we really enjoyed answering them. If you are interested in reading them then we would suggest heading to Socialgingirl's posts on Instagram or Facebook or searching for the hashtag #hollyjollyginams and having a look, we think they are very interesting questions and answers! The photos were very smart as you can see below:

Deborah and Alex were busy with tasting events again and they held an event at Aitken Wines in Dundee which was very well attended. We love these events as they are a fantastic way for us to connect with our ginpals. Next month we will be in Glasgow for a couple of tasting events which we're really excited about, keep an eye on our social media to see where we're attending!

As part of the Holly Jolly Ginmas feature we offered readers a 10% discount on any orders through our website. We are delighted to offer the same discount to our subscribers who purchase a bottle of our gin through our website. Click on the link below and enter 'mack10' as a promo code!
Buy now!

Keep an eye on our social media channels for further updates, cocktails and where & when we will be offering some tastings of our gin!
Please enjoy Mackintosh Gin responsibly