August Newsletter


August Newsletter

1st August 2018

Welcome to the first newsletter from Mackintosh Gin! We have not published any prior to now for two reasons, firstly, we have not had much news to pass on or update, and secondly, no one had subscribed! Now that we are starting to get some lovely people subscribing to our mailshots (thank you so much!) we thought we should actually keep you updated on our news!

Everything is starting to come together now with the product and we are hoping to release our first batch by the end of the year, if not sooner. We are still a while away yet and have some hoops to jump through before we can get there but everything is moving in the right direction.

We have our bottles & closures selected and we feel we have made good choices. Our bottle is a 70CL heavy based bottle that feels good in the hand and the closure is a dark wood/mahogany synthetic cork, which looks great on the bottle. We are working with a graphics designer to get designs finalised for our label and as soon as we have the design back, we will have them sent to the printers.

Mackintosh Gin and Tonic with Walter Gregors Tonic Water

It has been a long time getting to this stage but as we get closer to launching time seems to be flying in. We have spent 2 years researching to make sure we get everything right, with the past 6 months spent flavour profiling. We now have the final recipe, which our distiller has perfected and we think it is amazing. It’s a heavy Juniper led spirit with strong citrus notes, distilled to 42% and is very smooth. We have had a couple of small runs through the still and we are now starting to produce samples, which we intend to distribute at the end of August/beginning of September time.

We are starting to engage on our social media channels more with the aim of people noticing us as we want our name to be recognised within the gin community. We have a while to go yet as there are many people who we talk to who say they haven’t heard of us before (a few who have and have been very friendly & helpful) and we have had a few interactions with people who won’t entertain us or take us seriously due the lack of product that we have. We were very humbled recently when the team from The Gin Cooperative agreed to meet us. We met up with them to give them an idea of our gin and us. Although we are waiting until the end of August to start distributing our samples, we did leave a couple with The Gin Cooperative team and were impressed when they posted about us online and sent us the following image.

Image © and courtesy of The Gin Cooperative

We are looking forward to meeting as many people as possible and letting them taste our gin. As consumers ourselves, a big part of the gin community for us is engaging with the producer and we have said from the very start that we will offer this where we can. We are planning to regularly attend tastings and meet the maker events throughout Scotland as well as exhibiting at the many Gin Festivals that we have attended ourselves as consumers. Our first big public outing, which will probably be our debut is at GIN:NE in February 2019 in Inverurie. We have heard great things about this festival and we really cannot wait to attend. We cannot thank those enough who suggested we attend or invited us to attend this premier festival.

Image © and courtesy of GIN:NE

Keep an eye on our social media channels for further updates on our progress, and where & when we will be offering some tastings of our gin!

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