A fantastic year for Scottish Gin!


A fantastic year for Scottish Gin!

4th January 2019

We had a pretty successful year in 2018 as far as our brand goes. After a lot of researching (and tasting!) we made the decision at the start of the year to launch our own gin brand. We registered the business at the end of March, and by early October we were on sale in our local farm shop as well as through our own website. The week between Christmas and New Year finally saw us with some down time, we took an afternoon to just sit and reflect on the year to date. The year was full on with researching, preparing for launch, launching and then the crazy couple of months that followed with what seemed like constant sales and deliveries.

We are absolutely grateful for the support shown towards us last year and really appreciate the time that everyone has given to us. We are really looking forward to a (hopefully) busy 2019 and engaging with as many people as possible.

 Mackintosh Gin Debut

2018 was not only a good year for us but a fantastic year for Scottish Gin overall. The team behind The Gin Cooperative recently posted a look back to 2018 and it is a fantastic read. We love the content that they put out and have followed them from the start of their journey, which was also the start of our journey too.

The following text is taken from one of their posts, the article in full can be found by clicking on the link below.

'2018 was an amazing year for Scottish Gin with brands picking up numerous awards, both internationally and here in Scotland. Not only that, the sheer number of new Scottish Gin expressions, brands and distilleries in 2018 was fantastic to see. For us, our year didn’t really start until our website launched in late April 2018 but we thought we’d look back on some of the highlights from the story of Scottish Gin in 2018.'



 Image Copyright of The Gin Cooperative
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