This cocktail is another whose origins are subject to speculation. It is claimed to have been named  after the district of Chicago that was controlled by Al Capone and his gang. The gin consumed by Al Capone and his gang had a rougher finish than the gin consumed on the North Side of Chicago by their rivals. Mixing with sweeteners made it more palatable, and the name Southside stuck for this delicious cocktail. It is rumoured that a variation of this cocktail, the Southside Fizz was a favourite of Capone!

Other claims to the origins of this cocktail belong to that of the famous Southside Sportsmen’s Club on Long Island. Like other cocktails, there are many variations of it, some calling for lemon juice instead of lime juice, others for both. This is the version that we enjoy, but we suggest you vary it to suit.


  • 25ml Lime Juice
  • 50-60ml Mackintosh London Dry or Mackintosh Mariner Strength Gin
  • 25ml Sugar Syrup
  • Mint Leaves


  1. Pour the ingredients into an ice filled shaker and add the mint leaves
  2. Shake vigorously
  3. Double strain into a chilled glass
  4. Garnish with a small sprig of mint
  5. Add soda water for a Southside Fizz version! 
  6. Enjoy!

Alternative Version

Swap the Campari, Sweet Vermouth, and orange peel for Suze Gentian Liqueur, Lillet Blac, and grapefruit peel for a White Negroni!

Now it's your turn

Mackintosh Mariner Strength Gin is the Navy Strength version of our London Dry Gin. Bottled at 59% ABV it is a perfect cocktail gin and works extremely well in a Martini or a Negroni.