Our Team

Our Team


Deborah is the glue that binds Mackintosh Gin together and keeps Jim in check! It was her ‘challenge’ to Jim that he couldn’t start a gin brand that resulted in the birth of Mackintosh Gin. Deborah is the boss lady of the business and keeps everyone grounded. A Mental Health Nurse in her day job, she is a passionate foodie and enjoys cooking in her rare time off or spending a weekend at a Hydro Hotel.

Drink of choice: Fitzgerald, but often enjoys a Martini or Mackintosh 75


Jim created Mackintosh Gin alongside his partner in crime Deborah. It was a ‘hold my beer’ moment in 2016 that led to Jim’s vision for the brand. Unsure of his role in the business, he graciously accepts the title of teaboy! A Veteran, photographer and entrepreneur, he enjoys riding his motorcycle in his spare time and dancing with Deborah in their kitchen.

Drink of choice: Negroni

HR Manager

Alex ensures all the administration is taken care of and everyone knows where they should be and when. She appointed herself this role which no one argued with, which is just as well as she is studying Law and would win the argument! In her spare time she can found listening to country music and talking to Logan.

Drink of choice: Mackintosh 75

Brand Experience Manager

Char arranges our events, bar takeovers and instore tastings, which she works around her studies as she completes a Masters in History. In her spare time she can be found enjoying a good book and doing yoga, but not at the same time!

Drink of choice: Bramble

Scotland Brand Ambassador

Dale is our bartender extraordinaire and maintains a presence for the brand across the on trade in Scotland. In his spare time he plays American Football for the Dunfermline Kings.

Drink of choice: White Lady or Last Word

North of England Logistics Coordinator

Dave distributes our stock in the North West of England and alongside Steph, facilitates tasting events for bartenders across the region. In his spare time he is an avid rugby player.

Drink of choice: Tom Collins or a G&T with a grapefruit wedge

Master Distiller

Lewis has guided us from day one and ensures we are compliant in all aspects of distilling. As well as creating award winning gins, he has taught us everything we know about distilling. In his spare time he enjoys spending time with his wife Amy and son Max, reading fantasy novels, watching football and randomly meeting Debs and Jim at various Hydro Hotels!

Drink of choice: Negroni, but sometimes it has to be a Martini

US Brand Ambassador

Logan is spreading the word stateside and creating awareness of the brand for our North American cousins. In his spare time he enjoys gaming and painting.

Drink of choice: Mackintosh 75

Scotland Logistics Coordinator

Murray distributes our stock across Scotland and down to Dave in the North West of England. In his spare time he can be found in the gym keeping active.

Drink of choice: Mackintosh 75 or Tom Collins

Chief Content Something or Other

Steph is our content creator, social media manager and cocktail demonstrator. Her job title stuck from trying to complete an application but was unsure what to put for her occupation, so here we are! A Student Doctor for most of the week, she enjoys creating and making cocktails when she is not studying.

Drink of choice: Clover Club or a Mackintosh 75